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Since publishing our wedding film registry post we have been inundated with questions “Is this for real?,”  “Does this really work?,” and  “You won’t tell our guests the amount of our balance, will you?”  Hopefully we will answer these and many more questions in this post.  Here we go.

Is this for real?
Yes it is. We’ve put a lot of time into developing this so that it’s easy for you and your guests.

You won’t tell our guests the amount of our balance, will you?
No.  That information stays between us.  They will receive a receipt for their gift amount and you will receive a list of what gift amounts were given to you and by whom.  You are the only one that will ever see how much was given and how that affects your investment balance.

Why a wedding film?
On the biggest day of your life, we are there to capture every moment as it is happening, leaving you with a product that will allow you relive those moments again and again.  We have had so many couples come back to us and say that their video is the one investment that they were hesitant on making, but that in hindsight, it became more important than even their wedding day photos.  Why?  Because while they were going through a whirlwind of emotions preparing for the day, trying to greet everyone that made it to their celebration, and trying to remember to breathe, the entire day went by in a flash.  We help you to relive the day through the power of film.  So much of what you put into your wedding and planning is simply gone when the party is over.  The dress may go in a box, the flowers will die and the endless hours you put in to setup the reception so beautifully becomes just a memory.  Photos will capture these things but video does it in such a different way all while being able to actually see and HEAR the sights and sounds of the day.  Our films will fully bring you back to those moments.

Why a film registry?
For the couples who really want a boutique wedding film without breaking their budget, this is a no-brainer.  It is the perfect way for your guests to gift you with a present that you will truly love and cherish forever, long after you’ve worn through all of the blankets and kitchenware that you got as gifts with your other registries.  Oh and one last reason?  It’s just plain awesome.  I mean, how many other brides do you know that registered for a wedding film?  Chances are that your newly married friends who passed up their dream cinematographer are kicking themselves right now.  However, you will be ahead of the curve, offering your guests an awesome chance to give you the gift of memories and you will have the video to prove it long after your big day is over.

Does this really work?
It absolutely does, and we have proof!  We had a couple come to us and request this as an option in the spring of 2014 and so we decided to give it a whirl.  They brought in just over a thousand dollars to go towards their video, which we thought was pretty awesome.  Friends of theirs were on the fence about doing a wedding video, but after they about the wedding registry we had set up, they decided to book with us on the contingency that we set up the same type of registry program for them.  What we weren’t expecting was that the second couple brought in nearly $2,200.   Both future newlyweds were convinced that they wanted us to document their wedding, but unfortunately they didn’t have enough in their budget to do so between the dress, reception, flowers… you get the point.   With the help of a registry, they both got a wedding film and had to only pay for a portion of it, which fit into their budget.

What do the cards look like that we will be sending our guests?
Trust us, they are tasteful.  They are business card sized and have a simple script saying “Let’s help Sarah* & Ben* (of course, your names will be replacing Sarah & Ben’s) remember their special day forever with a wedding film by MIStudios.  From there, it lists our website so that they can get a glimpse of what they are helping you purchase.  And then they will follow a link that will easily walk them through the gifting process.  It’s that simple.

What do some of our past brides have to say about their wedding film?
Let’s be honest.  All brides immediately know that they want photography for their wedding day, no question.  Most, however, have not yet considered a video.  Here’s a little insight from some past brides on why a video should be a no brainer and must have.

“Photos are amazing and can say a thousand words, but our wedding film tells our story unlike anything we could have imagined.”

“I remember someone telling me that something during the day would happen and I would have wished that it would have been recorded, and not by my brother’s iphone.  I hadn’t even considered a wedding video before that moment and when I stumbled onto MI Studios website, I was sold.  Investing in a wedding film was the best decision that we made in regards to our wedding day planning, hands down.”

“I was hesitant about having a videographer for our wedding because I had seen friends and other family members videos and they were pretty cheesy.  After being a bridesmaid in a friend’s wedding (who had hired Matt and his crew) I saw how they blended into the background and captured the day, which wasn’t what I had expected when I saw them show up that morning.  A week later when I saw their hilites on Facebook, I got goosebumps and started crying.  That is when I knew that a wedding film would be one of the best investments I would make not only for our wedding, but for lifetime.  I can’t recommend MI Studios enough.”

“We are blown away.  I haven’t been able to watch it enough times, it’s just amazing.  Just Wow.”


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