Wedding Films 101 // Chapter 2 – In their own words

We promised to share some testimonials from brides and grooms who had both selected MI Studios to capture their day and some who reached out to us because they hadn’t chosen to add a wedding film to their budget.  We can go on and on about how important it is to invest in memories, but I think that sometimes it’s better to share the emails that we get from couples so that you can get a first hand account of where they are coming from.

We get thank you notes from nearly all of our couples with emotional filled messages, often saying that in hindsight, we were the most important part of their budget because they get to relive their day while curled up on the couch in their comfort of their own homes. They are able to send a copy of their video to their relatives and friends who for one reason or another, weren’t able to make it to their wedding.   Sometimes we get messages from parents of our couples thanking us for allowing them to see all sides of the day from but most importantly to them, being able to see the expression on their son or daughter’s face the first time that they see their soon to be spouse.  Typically, for time’s sake, couples will see each other before they walk down the aisle for ease in getting photos early in the day so that their guests aren’t waiting three hours at the reception location following the wedding.  We refer to this as the first look.  As crazy as it seems, this portion of the wedding film is often what the parents thank us for, because when we do the first look, it’s just the bride and groom, sharing a special moment between the two of them on what is often said to be the most important day of their lives.  Priceless.

We don’t have dozens of regret testimonials, but we have received a few over the years and I think that those are even more powerful in sharing the importance of investing money in your memories.  I have posted five different testimonials below for you to check out, and they all come from a different perspective yet all reiterate the significance of a choosing to invest in a wedding film.  Read on.


Mother of the bride #1 –  Matt, I cannot thank you and Kurt enough for helping to capture our daughter’s wedding day.  I’m trying to find words to describe your talent but I can’t come up with anything that does it justice.  The day went by in a flash and before we knew it, we were doing family photos after the wedding.  I realized at that moment that I had been so busy running around making sure everything was perfect that I hadn’t even had time to say hello to you.    I was looking forward to seeing their final product, but never thought that the wedding video would bring more tears of joy than the actual wedding.  You are truly talented and I can’t say enough good things about your professionalism and work ethic.

Thank you for giving us this gift we can share with our family and friends for a lifetime.


Couple # 1 –  The amazing film that MI Studios created of our wedding day is beyond anything we’d hoped for. I don’t think that referring to them as videographers does them justice. They are truly filmmakers who shot footage of special moments throughout the day and crafted these moments into an incredible movie documenting our complete wedding day from the girls getting their hair done in the morning to everyone on the dance floor at night. The quality of work they produce and their fun and professional personalities were ideal to work with.

We did a good amount of research before choosing MI Studios and have yet to find another wedding videographer or wedding filmmaker in the area with the same quality of work and attention to detail that MI Studios brings to their projects. It’s apparent through their work that this group loves what they do. We continue to say that this was, hands down, the best money we spent on our wedding day. It all seemed to go by so fast and there were so many moments that we had forgot happened during the day. It is invaluable for us to now always have such a special video that takes us back to the day and reminds us of all the little enjoyable moments we had on our wedding day!


A note from a regretful bride # 2 –  I wanted to reach out and let you know what an amazing job you did on my brother’s wedding film.  We were amazed at the highlights clip that you posted shortly after the wedding, but had no idea how wonderful the entire film would be.  We all got together at the holidays and watched it in its entirety and I swear that everyone was in tears.  Having gotten married four years before my brother, I never even considered hiring a videographer to film our wedding and looking back, that is my biggest regret of the day.  If I could somehow travel back in time, the one thing I would change about the day I got married would be to have hired you to capture it.  While I love watching the special moments between my brother and his wife, I wish that I had the same thing to represent my wedding day.  You do amazing work and capture such special moments.


Couple #3 – Choosing MI Studios was by far the best decision we made throughout our entire wedding process! They arrived ready to film from the time we woke up and stayed late into the evening. Somehow Matt and his team managed to be invisible, all while getting footage from every angle. His invaluable work speaks for itself and is something my husband and I will cherish for the rest of our lies. Do not let the price steer you to choose another videographer over MI Studios. You will realize what he gives you is worth far more than what he charges. Although this was our largest wedding expense and required extra budgeting and work, we would make the same decision a million times over. We are so thankful for Matt and his one of a kind talent.


Regretful Couple #4 – I had a two year engagement and married my husband in 2013.  I came across Matt Bishop from friends who had used his wedding cinematography.  I loved their videos and asked if I could learn more about his process. There was no question, if I was going to have a wedding videographer on my wedding day it was definitely going to be MI Studios.  Unfortunately, it all came down to timing.  When I reached out to MI Studios, I did not have any of my wedding planned. I thought I would definitely have money left for this additional expense.  However, the more we planned our wedding, the less we had left for additional vendors outside of the staple vendors (venue, photographer, entertainment, bridal attire, florist).  I made the hard decision not to have MI Studios or any videographer capture our wedding.

Looking back,  I would have done things differently.  I would have cut back on other parts of the wedding possibly spending less on my dress to make sure that MI Studios would have been part of our wedding.

The one significant moment I missed during my wedding was my flower girl and ring bearer.  My ring bearer was pulling his usual cute shenanigans.  Since I was behind the church doors, I was not able to see any of this.  I am sure there were other moments like this that I missed as well.  I have many memories of my wedding that I will never forget.   However, the way MI Studios tells a story about your wedding day is beautiful and can never be replaced.


There is no question that planning a wedding is a huge undertaking.  There are so many details to be budgeted for, planned and executed that it can leave a future bride’s head spinning in circles.  The one thing that we want you to consider when making all of the pieces of this crazy puzzle fit together is what you will have to remember your day by when it’s all said and done.  With video, we capture the words your parents use when telling your guests how proud they are of you.  You get to see  the tears welling up in your groom’s eyes as you walk down the aisle and you will never forget all of the details that made your wedding day special.
These are moments that you will have to treasure and share for the rest of your life.

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