Quad Cities Wedding Videographer | Introducing Wedding Films 101

We’re excited to kick off the beginning of our new blog series, Wedding Films 101.  This will be a chance for us to show and tell more information about what we do at MI Studios, but also provide educational content that will help you in planning your wedding and be involved in helping us to make your wedding film the most treasured investment of the day.

We started filming weddings in 2006 and have now captured memories, emotions and happiness for over 300 couples.  I absolutely love being able to be a part of each and every one of these and am looking forward to the next 300.  In doing so many weddings, we’ve had the chance to see it all and experience the best and worst of what comes with a wedding day, from planning through the end of the night when everyone has danced themselves to exhaustion.  At nearly all of these weddings, we’ve been there from beginning to end – filming an average of 15 hours at each one.  Our current record is a 22 hour day! This gives us an insight that most wedding vendors can’t say they have.  Other than coordinators, we’re typically involved and present longer than anyone else.

Your wedding film, from this point forward, should be thought of as in investment, not a cost of the wedding.  That’s the one thing I want you to start thinking differently about. The cake will be eaten, the dress will be put away, the music will end and what are you left with?  Ask any couple that’s been married and they will tell you, hands down, that the day went by in a flash.  We’ll talk more about this in our upcoming post ‘Is a wedding film part of your wedding plan?  Here is why it should be.’ and will be covering many other topics.  Here are just a few that are coming soon:

Writing your own vows
The unplugged wedding
They guys are important too
The importance of sharing a gift

I’m excited to share what we have learned over the years so that we can continue to produce amazing wedding films for amazing couples.



MI Studios specializes in wedding videography in the Quad Cities and surrounding areas including but not limited to Iowa City, Des Moines, Chicago, Galena and Peoria.

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