We should warn you that it has been said that even though you may not know these couples personally, you may shed a tear or two. Well, that's the rumor, anyway. If we are extremely lucky, and are doing our jobs spot on, you may even get goosebumps. For even more videos, please visit our Vimeo page.
Jane & Jacob were married on October 4th in the Quad Cities. They had an amazing day that ended with a gorgeous reception and some of the best toasts we've heard all year. There were some nerves and some tears but mostly just laughing and enjoying the day that had been a long time coming. We are so fortunate to meet so many great families and this wedding just added to that. Thanks for allowing us to capture your wedding and be a part of the big day.

Natalie and Matt were married at the Celebration Barn just outside of Iowa City on October 3rd. A full on blast of fall decided to come early and it was cold and windy, but that didn't change a thing. Natalie is the baby of the family and the last of 3 sisters to get married. I've had the joy of being able to capture each of these weddings for them and I'm so glad I've been able to be part of all the memories.

Katie & Josh were married in the Quad Cities on September 6th. Just the way these two looked at each other the entire day spoke volumes about how much they're in love and it was so much fun to capture every moment of that. Everyone was so relaxed and calm and the day couldn't have gone more perfectly.

Jamie & Ryan were married in the Quad Cities on August 23rd. As with most of our weddings this summer, the day started out with rain but ended up to be a perfect day for a wedding. These two were so open and excited to have us with them all day and we captured some great moments. We are privileged to be such an important part of their special day.

Allie & Joe were married in the Quad Cities on August 2nd. This is our 2nd wedding with this family and group of friends and I've been very much looking forward to it. You can't help but be in a great mood when you're around Allie and her sisters which made for a great day. It went by in a flash but we were able to capture every moment of their special day.

Lisa & Marty had a beautiful wedding in Galena on August 9th. The Eagle Ridge resort and surrounding areas make for a beautiful location and setting. Everyone was so calm and relaxed the entire day and it was a joy spending time with these families. Here is sneak peek of their wedding day.

Marla & Chris have been an amazing couple to work with and I'm glad we've had the chance to spend so much time with them. From airplanes to tractors and little surprises all day, this wedding had it all. The morning was rainy and the afternoon hot, but spirits were high and everyone had a great time. Marla was all smiles and you can really tell that these two are crazy about each other. So much of what they love and who they are was incorporated into the day which made this a very unique and emotional wedding.

Kristin & Nathan were married in a very intimate ceremony surrounded by their closest family and friends. The house, personal vows and non traditional setting was a great change of pace and a great experience for everyone involved. Here are their highlights that were actually played the next day at their larger reception.

The wedding of Alyssa & Devin was an emotional day for many reasons, but still the perfect day for these high school sweethearts. We heard more than once that they were best friends and we definitely got to see that through every part of the day. Thank you for allowing us to be part of this big day in your lives.

Caitlin & Travis were married in Iowa City and the entire day was nothing short of a celebration. There was a bit of rain which led to a last minute change of plans but all was taken in stride. They had a beautiful ceremony with their personal vows to each other and an exciting reception including a lip syncing battle that didn't disappoint. We wish you both a lifetime of happiness!

Kelli + Dan were married in Iowa City on May 31st and their love and conviction to each other was shared by all that were present. This was the day they were made for and their vows represented that perfectly. Here is a small peek into their special day.

Emily & Patrick were married in the Quad Cities on October 12. It was a perfect fall day and a great wedding to end our season for the year. It was also a unique experience to have some of our favorite priests all come together for their special day. Father Adam, Father Mirabelli and Father Schaab. Congrats to both of you and thank you for letting us be a part of your day.

Ashley & Jonathan were married in Peoria on June 22. They surprised us by writing their own vows and there's not much more we need to say! Here are their highlights.

Amy & Jimmy were married in the Quad Cities on June 8th. This was an extremely fun day with an extremely fun and warm couple. It's always great to get to know the everyone that we work with, but they made us feel as if we were there as friends to be a part of the wedding with them. Thank you both for sharing your day with us!

Brooke & Ben were married on the 1st of June in the Quad Cities. Faith and love are 2 big parts of who they both are and that was seen in every aspect of the day. From Ben’s father giving an important message during the ceremony to the heartfelt toasts, they are surrounded by people who embody faith & love. This video was created during the day and played at their reception.

Jennifer & Shawn were married in downtown Chicago on May 3rd. All of the events of the day were held at the historic University Club of Chicago, which allowed for a beautiful and elegant setting. Despite some on and off rain, it was a perfect day for them and a great beginning to the rest of their lives.

We had the great pleasure of working with Kelly and Koda for their wedding on October 6th in Iowa City. They are absolutely the cutest couple and you can see it every time you look at the two of them. To put it simply, they're crazy in love! Their wedding was full of fun, excitement and detail and we loved filming every second of it. The theme of the wedding really played off of their personalities and who they are together and we're so glad they allowed us to be part of their day!

Sarah & Juan were married in the Quad Cities on July 21st. It was a beautiful ceremony and beautiful day and absolutely no detail was left unchecked. Another great couple surrounded by great family that we had the pleasure of getting to know. I have to especially thank Linda, the bride's mom, for everything she did for us and for the wedding day itself. Thank you all for allowing us to be a part of your day.

Kristen & Derek were married on July 6 in Naperville. It was yet another hot, hot, hot day but everyone made it through...even with the outdoor ceremony. We've gotten to know Derek's family over the past few years and love being around them. It was also great to meet Kristen's family. It's amazing to always be able to meet new people and spend time around each couple and their families as that's another reason we love what we do! Everyone here was so much fun and made us feel as if we were just part of the family. Here are the highlights from their day!

Jillian & Aaron were married in the Quad Cities on June 23rd. Many times we hear a person described as being able to light up a room when they walk into it. Nobody has ever exemplified that more than Jillian. I couldn't find a time when she wasn't laughing and extremely happy! They were amazing to work with and a blast to be around and I can't thank them enough for allowing us to get to know them and be a part of their day!

Emily & Dane were married in Peoria on June 2nd. Being a part of this wedding reminded me what it's all about. They are both so happy and so in love and I knew from the second we arrived that it was going to be a great weekend. There was energy and fun everywhere we looked and I have to say that their personalities and character show through every moment. Thank you so much for allowing us to share in your day.

Emily & Greg were married in downtown Chicago on Saturday May 12th. Despite the on and off rain, everyone was extremely excited throughout the entire day. From an emotional morning to the most lively dance crowd we’ve seen in awhile, the day had it all and we were happy to be a part of the love that they share.

Annie & Jeremiah were married in Iowa City/ Williamsburg on May 19th. Simple, fun and happy describe these two and we definitely enjoyed spending the day with them. The day began early and they made it very easy for us to fit right in and be comfortable, just as we always try to do with everyone. There was lighthearted conversation and laughter all around us the entire day. Here is a preview of your wedding film!

Allison & Adam were married in Iowa City on June 29th. It was another hot one but we tend to lose sight of that little detail when we're having a good time. It was a fun day with a great couple and actually went by really quickly but we captured every second of it.